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Our community is a dedicated group of caring alumni, students, faculty, staff, parents, and friends. During this unique and challenging time, we are #UMassDTogether. Thank you for supporting UMassD students in need.

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Supporting Students in Need

Covid-19 brought unprecedented changes for UMassD students. Required to move out of residence halls and switch to classes taught through online modalities, students experienced an abrupt end to the traditional academic semester. For some, this transition came with unexpected financial hardships, ranging from unplanned travel expenses, storing or shipping their belongings, purchasing laptops and internet access. to food and housing needs. You can directly help students with unanticipated financial needs by making a gift to the UMassD Student Emergency Fund. These donations will go directly to students who apply to receive this urgent support.

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UMassD Student Emergency Fund

Why Now?

Covid-19 has left many of our students with critical needs as a result of protective measures taken to prevent the disease's spread. Funds raised through this effort will be made available to our students in financial need who apply for emergency assistance.